Spring FG Leadership Series - Judith Fox

Risky Business: Understanding What Can Destroy Value

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) matters are a subset of non-financial performance indicators and present an increasing source of risk and opportunity for investments.

There can be environmental and social risks to the value of investments and it is part of an investor’s responsibility to understand how these risks can destroy financial value.

Understanding these non-financial drivers provides deeper insights into how well a company grows and protects value.

The intended purpose is not to apply social values to investment decisions, but to consider whether ESG factors contribute to or detract from the value of a given investment opportunity.

Even if there is no risk at present, these broader issues can have an impact on long-term investment. And will at the very least serve as a way of controlling potential risks in an investment portfolio.

About the speaker:

Prior to commencing in her role as CEO in late February 2017 Judith spent ten years with Governance Institute of Australia as their National Director, Policy & Advocacy.

During this time, she has enhanced the Governance Institute’s profile and reputation. Judith has represented Governance Institute on the ASX Corporate Governance Council since 2005, is a member of Standards Australia’s Risk Management Committees, ASIC’s Business Advisory Committee and the Business Reporting Leaders Forum.

In 2014 Judith was named as one of the Australian Financial Review and Westpac 100 Women of Influence. Judith also has extensive experience in publishing and is a published author with one of her novels being shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award.