Take a fresh approach to workplace productivity with our tailored workplace seminars.

The best way to stop your employees worryıng about their financial future is to give them one.

Research indicates that nearly one-in-four employees report being financially stressed.

Financially stressed employees lose on average 6.9 hours of productive work a week. Additionally they take an extra four sick days annually compared to their colleagues.

If you have just ten financially stressed employees, it adds up to 87 days a year in lost productivity, and an additional 40 days of sick leave.

What’s going on?

As our financial lives become more complicated, people are losing confidence.

Less than half of Australian workers report feeling financially confident. Indeed, research shows two-in-five are categorised as being ‘financially unwell’ or as ‘having room for improvement’.

40% of individuals say the stress associated with financial problems affects their productivity at work, and 55% say they stress about money.

When people are worrying about money, they’re not working.

There’s an easy way to help solve your employees’ financial worries and we don’t mean by giving them a raise.
The best gift you can give them is confidence. The confidence that comes from being in control of their finances and knowing how to utilise what they’ve already got to create a better future.

Giving your people financial confidence is the best way to increase their security and happiness. This in turn increases your company’s productivity.

That’s where we come in.

At Spring Financial Group we are well known today as part of the successful ASX-listed WT Financial Group Limited.

Our business and our reputation has been built on our leadership and excellence in consumer and industry education.

We offer services Australia wide, and as our name implies we offer a fresh approach to financial education, including through our tailored workplace seminars.

So what does it cost to make your staff more productive?

Of course our services don’t come for nothing. We ask that you provide a suitable space and cover the cost of sandwiches and orange juice. That’s all it will cost you.
We come to your office to present informal but informative financial seminars tailored to suit your team.

We’ll help give your employees the confidence they need to manage their financial lives and provide a secure future for themselves and their families.

Don’t delay, start today.

We have a diverse schedule of different seminar options and we’ll work with you to tailor a program to suit the people who attend.

And your staff will get unlimited access to our library of more than 90 eBooks, invitations and priority seating at our Leadership Series, and Knowledge Plus Series, and complimentary passes to major events like our annual SMSF Summit & Investment Expo.

To book your no obligation consultation today, call us on 02 9248 0422 or email productivity@springFG.com.

Take a fresh approach to workplace productivity with our tailored workplace seminars.


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