Knowledge Plus Seminar Series - Hao Nguyen

Investing in Consumer Finance

In this instalment of out Knowledge Plus series, we welcome Hao Nguyen from MoneySpot Investments to address the topic ‘Investing in Consumer Finance’. A consumer loan is money lent to an individual for personal, family, or household purposes (say, renovating a house).

These loans are some of the banks’ most lucrative assets, and for a long time, they were an investment option only available to the banks. However, things are changing, and with the rise of P2P lending, ordinary people can invest in consumer loans as well. How does it work?

A P2P platform provides you with a list of people who need loans. You then pick a loan and finance it. The borrower then starts paying back the loan, as well as the interest. Then, you get payments every month until the loan is repaid.

MoneySpot is at the forefront of new technology in money lending, providing an efficient and secure platform for trading, translating to higher returns for investors.

About the speaker:

As a Credit Analyst at MoneySpot Finance, Hao is responsible for the day to day management and composition of MoneySpot’s Loan portfolio. This includes assessing the credit risk of applications, ensuring portfolio integrity and performance, and monitoring the loan book for consistency in returns. Hao’s experience makes him well placed to explain the workings of the MoneySpot Investment Fund and draw comparisons with other investment opportunities in the consumer finance sector. Hao graduated from UTS with a Ba in Mathematics and Finance and joined MoneySpot in 2017.