Knowledge Plus Seminar Series - Christopher Davitt

Investing in commercial property.

In this instalment of the series, we welcome Christopher Davitt from AMP Capital’s Wholesale Australian Property Fund to address the topic ‘Investing in commercial property’ – commercial property and its key characteristics and how you can use it as a stable source of income.

While there is growing excitement around commercial property’s potential to generate reliable income, particularly for those moving into retirement, few investors understand the real drivers of good commercial property investment.

About the speaker:

Christopher is the Fund Manager for the Wholesale Australian Property Fund. He has overarching responsibility for setting the fund’s strategy and capital management. Christopher works with AMP Capital’s specialist teams to formulate asset plans for each of the Fund’s properties and make acquisitions and divestment’s. Chris joined AMP Capital in March 2010 having previously held research, transaction and funds management roles in Australia and Europe.