Knowledge Plus Seminar Series - Chris Perry

Strategies, investments and products presented by renowned providers and investment managers.

In this instalment of the series, we welcome Chris Perry from Defence Housing Australia to address the topic ‘The what, where and how of investing in Defence Housing Australia’. Defence Housing Australia (DHA) offers a unique opportunity for Australian property investors. They are experts in the Australian residential housing markets, acquiring and developing land and houses, to provide accommodation and related services to defence members and families.

DHA properties have a number of key benefits that make them so enticing for investors. Security is at the top of the list with DHA properties considered a blue-chip investment – with no tenanting obligations and a rental income that is guaranteed throughout the lease term. Join Chris as he explains how the process works and helps you decide if a DHA property is a suitable investment for you.


About the speaker:

Chris has worked in a variety of roles in the financial services and property industries including 4 years with Defence Housing Australia. Chris is currently responsible for the sale of properties through DHA’s Property Investment Program. In the last financial year, DHA sold residential property valued at almost $370 million to investors. The sale of properties through this program provides investors with a low risk, hassle free investment alternative while supporting the ongoing provision of housing for members of the Australian Defence Forces and their families.