Spring FG Leadership Series - Dr Andrew Wilson

The State of the Melbourne Property Market

In this instalment of the Leadership Series, we welcome Dr Andrew Wilson, the Chief Economist from My Housing Market to discuss ‘The state of the Melbourne property market’.

Given all the media attention around interest rates and the broader Australian property market, it is vitally important to understand how the various drivers of price and rental growth interact with one another and how they impact performance. With our major eastern seaboard cities being such large and complicated ecosystems, in today’s instalment, we look at how interest rate movements, wage levels, unemployment, migration, supply and demand as well as comparative affordability need to be looked at together when considering investment in residential property. Dr Andrew J. Wilson discusses the Melbourne market and provides insight into the future outlook of our fastest growing major capital city.

About the speaker:

Dr Wilson provides comprehensive property market intelligence to industry, investor groups and the wider community. He is a highly-regarded and prolific housing market speaker, a keynote presenter for the Committee for Economic Development of Australia (CEDA) and an appointed housing market expert and adviser to the Federal Government funded Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network.

His experience spans senior property and construction economist and research positions within industry, academia and government. He has published research in various academic journals and industry publications, covering a wide range of residential property and construction issues; appearing regularly through a broad spectrum of TV, print, radio and online media.