Knowledge Plus Seminar Series - John Julian

Strategies, investments and products presented by renowned providers and investment managers.

In this instalment of the series we welcome John Julian from AMP Capital’s Core Infrastructure Fund to address the topic ‘Listed or direct infrastructure – why not both?’.

Infrastructure is one of the fastest growing asset classes globally, with target infrastructure allocations increasing significantly over recent years. Listed and direct infrastructure equities can exhibit differing returns, volatilities, and correlations. AMP Capital is a long-standing investor in infrastructure with over 25 years of leadership in infrastructure investment. AMP Capital has diversified their infrastructure assets across the globe, with on-the-ground specialist asset managers responsible for actively managing these investments.

About the speaker:

John Julian is an Investment Director in AMP Capital’s Global Infrastructure Equity business and has portfolio management responsibility for the AMP Capital Core Infrastructure Fund. John has over 23 years of financial sector and investment experience in both legal and commercial roles. Initially joining AMP Capital as a lawyer, John has worked in a range of legal and commercial roles with AMP Capital and its affiliates in Sydney, London and Chicago. John joined AMP Capital Infrastructure in 2008, and since then has worked closely with the Global Infrastructure Team across all aspects of AMP Capital’s infrastructure investment capability, funds and strategies.