Your guide to SMSF Property Loans

With the popularity of SMSFs on the rise, more and more Australians are looking at borrowing to invest and buy property with their superannuation.

SMSF loans are a relatively new product on the investment landscape and so we have produced this eBook to help clients understand these loans better and how to choose and structure them.

By the end of the book, this is what you will know:
  • Property in an SMSF: The Basics
  • Setting up the correct SMSF Structure
  • Arranging SMSF Property Finance
  • Why the SMSF Loan process is different
  • Lending Criteria
  • What to look for in an SMSF Loan
  • Applying for an SMSF Property Loan
  • Managing and Repaying the Loan
Downloading this eBook will also give you access to special bonus offers within Spring Financial Group.
This eBook does not substitute professional tailored financial advice. If you wish to meet with an adviser please Make an Appointment.

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