7 Insights to Avoid a Ruined Retirement

The GFC and share market crash of 2008 proved that many current retirement strategies do not work.

Yet if you are retired or planning your retirement you need to first understand the problems and challenges that lie ahead of you and then develop a plan to navigate and avoid them.

By the end of the book, this is what you will know:
  • The impact of the Secular Bull Market of the last 30 years
  • The dangers of the Long Only Idea
  • Why the design of the normal retirement plan leaves you carrying too much market risk
  • We will outlive our money (and what can be done about it)
  • What is the single biggest threat to self-funded retirees long-term income
  • Understanding Inflation: The Silent Killer
  • Understanding Volatility and the importance of Sequence
  • The emotional and psychological experience of retirement
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