Property Research Secrets

Researching property is quite different from researching shares or other investments. The experts in this field go through a particular thought process to find and identify value in real estate transactions.

This eBook is an insight into that thought process and is crammed full of focused information that will assist you to stay on track. Although, we encourage you to seek independent professional advice and continue with your property search fully prepared.

By the end of the book, this is what you will know:
  • Find out how the experts research property
  • What is their thought process to identify value
  • How to identify growth areas early
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • Understanding the value of demographics
  • How the right financial planner can help you through this process
Downloading this eBook will also give you access to special bonus offers within Spring Financial Group.
This eBook does not substitute professional tailored financial advice. If you wish to meet with an adviser please Make an Appointment.

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