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Seminar: How to Find the Right Financial Adviser

(3 Seminars ONLY: Sydney & Melbourne)

Over the years we have found that there is a large gap between what the general public thinks a financial adviser does and what the normal adviser actually does.

This gap between perception and reality has many reasons and ultimately is destructive to people being able to access good advice. It has also contributed to an overall devaluation of the value of advice in the public eye.

This new seminar is designed to help you understand the issues and improve your ability to get good advice.

Current available dates and times are:

This seminar is not running at the moment


45 Minutes plus Q&A

Venue Details

The seminars will be held in the Spring Financial Group offices.

Sydney Head Office:
Level 11, 95 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 02 9248 0422

Melbourne Office:
Ground Floor, 99 King St
Melbourne VIC 3000
T: 03 9248 6001


Some of what you will learn at this seminar:

  1. The value of good advice
  2. What is a good adviser?
  3. What does independence mean?
  4. The difference between financial advice and investment advice
  5. Why property is excluded from the majority of financial advice?
  6. The value of integrated financial and accounting advice
  7. How the business of financial advice works and who controls it?
  8. Case studies on the value of integrated financial advice