16 Transition to Retirement Strategy Insights

If you reached your preservation age but are still working you may want to consider a Transition Pension as part of your retirement planning strategy. Combined with Salary Sacrifice it is one of the most significant retirement planning and tax planning tools available to you.

This eBook has been written to help you find out more about what’s possible with a Transition to Retirement Strategy.

If you’re like many people in their 50s and aren’t yet ready to retire from the workforce, Transition to Retirement can offer you a range of benefits.

By the end of the book, this is what you will know:
  • What is Transition to Retirement
  • Who is eligible and what are the most important rules
  • What the benefits of Transition to Retirement can be
  • The opportunities that exist to save more money for retirement
  • How you can substitute a lack of income with your super
  • The ways to extend your working life
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