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Seminar: How to Protect your Super from Market Falls

The GFC has proven that most current superannuation strategies do not work.

Simply investing in shares or a share based fund and hoping and waiting for markets to recover could be a wealth destroying strategy.

We have produced this seminar to help clients realise the new options that are available to them and how to take advantage of them.

Current available dates and times are:

This seminar is not running at the moment


45 Minutes plus Q&A

Venue Details

The seminars will be held in the Spring Financial Group offices.


Sydney Head Office:
Level 11, 95 Pitt St
Sydney NSW 2000
T: 02 9248 0422

Melbourne Office:
Ground Floor, 99 King St
Melbourne VIC 3000
T: 03 9248 6001

Brisbane Office:
Level 36, Riparian Plaza
71 Eagle Street
Brisbane QLD 4000
T: 07 3121 3189

What you will learn:

  1. The risks to sharemarkets in the years ahead
  2. What are the dangers in the normal sharemarket and super strategies
  3. What are the new strategies that can protect or guarantee superannuation accounts
  4. How to guarantee the value of all your future superannuation contributions
  5. Who can take advantage of these new strategies
  6. Can these strategies work inside Self Managed Super?
  7. How much money is needed to implement these strategies
  8. Is it a good idea and who is it appropriate for?